We hope that you enjoy browsing the pictures in the gallerys, of which a few can be seen in the slideshow above, also please take time to visit the sites of the clubs and traders who support this great convention and have made it the great success it is today.
From kit to scratch building we have traders ready to help you out with everything you would need to build a model, wood, hulls, kits, semi-kits, batterys, motors, electronics, sound systems and so much more.
Clubs and Individuals showing what can be built. Not sure what you want to build , have a chat with any of the clubs and traders who will be only to happy to advise.
After something specific, check out the Traders websites from the supporting traders tab..
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The Theme for the 2014 Convention was

Naval Vessels & Submersibles
Very Sad to announce that

Les Jones of the Ship Modelling Society passed away on the 21st August.
We extend our sympathy to his wife Valmai, Paul his son and family.
Valmai has been a Stalwart of the entrance door Ladies for the past ten years.

Further Details for the 26th Model Boat Convention 2015 will be announced shortly
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